New Action-Infiltration game, The Church in the Darkness gets first gameplay video

Narrated by designer Richard Rouse III

The Church in the Darkness is as unique an indie game you're likely to find, as it has the distinction of carrying the rare "Action-Infiltration" genre designation. The game is a top-down action adventure game set in the 1970's when cults and radical movements were at the height of their power and you play as an ex-law enforcement officer who has set out to find his nephew who has been taken in by one such cult in the city of Freedom Town. Here is the game's description per an official press release:

"Persecuted for their radical beliefs, Rebecca and Isaac Walker have lead their people into the jungles of South America, including your nephew Alex. As former law enforcement officer Vic, you infiltrate the commune, but life in Freedom Town may not be what it seems. Every playthrough offers a unique version of Freedom Town with a different objectives, character personalities, and a shifting narrative told through investigation, observation, and action."

The Church in the Darkness will be making an appearance at PAX West 2016 next weekend and will have a playable demo for all to try. The game will be located at booth #7009 and the Indie MEGABOOTH on Friday, September 2nd, and Saturday, September 3rd.

The Church in the Darkness will release on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Mac sometime in 2017.