Neverwinter would like to share some Profound Ponderings about rogues

Here’s the thing about rogues, they have a pick for every lock. Or… is the saying they have a knife for every back? I can never recall. The rogue subtype is for all those dastardly cloak and dagger types. You never know if one is a thief, a jack of all trades, an assassin, or simply a trickster. The trickster rogues of Neverwinter can be all of these in one. The term “now you see me, now you don’t” comes to mind, also you’re dead now.

In this week’s Profound Ponderings, Neverwinter would like to introduce you to the rogue. To some people, trust can only be established through exhausting the life through one’s blade. It’s a SHARP lesson, if you get my POINT!? I actually feel bad about that. If you missed the musing on Rangers, this is your second chance. Turn in next week for a brand new Profound Pondering brought to you by Neverwinter!