Neverwinter teases new content with an eerie quote about the moon

A little while ago, Neverwinter tweeted "They would seize from the moon the way to ruin and riches." There is also a link that takes you HERE. What is this whimsical forest? What does this quote mean? New content? WHAT ARE YOU TEASING NEVERWINTER!?

That outburst aside, I have some guesses based off Forgotten Realms lore. Me thinks it has something to do with the goddess Selûne. The goddess of the moon, is also the goddess of the light (seen in the background of the photo) and questers (you know, player in the game). She also has a hand with good lycanthropes (animal shape changes). So… from the picture, I would assume this is a new forest like zone with lots of lycanthropes.

“But Andrew, isn’t there already an area with lycanthropes?” Yes, yes there is. I get that. But that’s like saying one Drow area is enough for Forgotten Realms. I wish that was the case though. Yes, I still hate Drow. It’s stipulation, most likely I’m 100% wrong. There is more than likely going to be a new zone, a new skirmish, and a new dungeon attached to this tease. I must know!  

News to come soon!

Neverwinter - New Forest Region