Neverwinter’s A Call To Arms trailer offers new game modes to nearly all levels of players

What if you are only level 6 and want to play with your level 60 buddies in Neverwinter? You desire that rich PvE experience but don’t want to wait 54 levels to experience it. Well then, you’ll be happy to know that Call to Arms Skirmishes are coming! These are playgrounds for characters 6-60, put balanced together, with slices the xp per participant, and offer some unique adventures, gear, and skins.

These adventures include Orc Assault, Battle of the Bridge, and Temple Defense. In Orc Assault, you’ll be defending Neverwinter from an uncanny assault from the orcs that looks to ruin all of civilization. Defend a mighty platform from Fire Giants in Battle of the Bridge. Then lastly, watch over a shine from hordes of undead in Temple Defense. Do you have what it takes? Put your free to play where you mouth is. Check out the trailer above.