Neverwinter ‘Great Weapon Fighters’ reveal trailer

The new Neverwinter MMORPG looks so beautiful. All the art I see blows me away; the armor, weapons, monsters, environment… you name it. I just want to keep seeing more of this game for the aesthetic reasons alone.  I haven’t even swooned over the gameplay yet, the whole ‘forest beyond the trees’ cliché I suppose. As a Dungeons and Dragons nerd, I NEED this game now.

The ‘Great Weapon Fighters’ reveal trailer features the basics and some of the kit available to this class in Neverwinter.  If wearing medium to heavy armors, throwing your two-handed weapon, and spinning a whole ton is your play style, the GWF might just be perfect for you.  Between wicked strikes, the chargeable reaping strikes, reaver, and spinning strike you should just the tools you need for early game conquest. 

My advice… watch the video, look at those screenshots, get excited, and get a cloth to wipe up that drool.