Neverwinter gets meta with Respen’s Marvelous Game

I don’t normally copy paste press releases, but I need to share this paragraph about Neverwinter’s upcoming event, Respen’s Marvelous Game:

Tomorrow in Neverwinter begins Respen’s Marvelous Game, a brand new event especially notable for fans of meta-gameplay experiences. From April 1 through April 4, players join a digital game version of a tabletop game based upon the real world tabletop game that the digital game they are currently playing is actually based upon.

THAT is pretty meta if you ask me. As a tabletop D&D player, one thing you’re never supposed to do is meta-game. This though, this is hilarious. It is literally your Neverwinter characters playing Neverwinter’s version of D&D in the game. Mind blown. In all honesty, I absolutely love this concept and give mad props to the Cryptic Studios team.   

So yea, starting tomorrow you can get in on this in game at the Driftwood Tavern in Protector’s Enclave. This event only goes until April 4th so get your time in while you can! Polish off those old dice, and enjoy some in game snacks such as spicy cornmeal treats known as Lliira’s Fare, the yellowish Lathander’s Dew collected from crushed mountain rock, and the sweet chewy Neverwintan Red Veins.