Neverwinter features their orcs in new trailer

In the realm of fantasy, orcs are that iconic ‘bad guy.’ They’re muscular, greenish, feral, evil, and want to crush you; possibly eat your face off as well. On top of all that, there are a ton of them. Neverwinter, the new free to play MMORPG coming out, did not exclude these green menaces. No matter how many times orcs are done, I don’t get tired of them. Unlike Drow, PLEASE stop making Drow the main antagonists. I don’t think I can handle another Drow/Underdark storyline – it’s truly like beating a dead horse at this point.

So that was my anti-Drow rant, my apologies. Because it is Neverwinter though and not just Dungeons and Dragons… there will be Drow. It’s inevitable. Until then though, check out these orcs in the video above. The direction of this video is particularly interesting because it shows the concept art next to the final project. It’s fascinating to see the intention next to the result.     

Will you have what it takes to push the orcs occupying the northern half of the old Tower District? These brutes have gone as far as to make the old Cloak Tower in Neverwinter their home. You guessed it, they got to go and you’re in charge of removing them. Have at it then – heroes.