Neverdead’s second content pack available now for Xbox 360, PS3

Neverdead has gone to crap! Okay, while that sentence may be a valid opinion of Konami's recent title, it's not exactly what we mean. Konami has announced that the second batch of Neverdead DLC is now available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game.

For four dollars you can obtain a new playable character for online mode, three new challenges, new costumes, as well as new Egg Hunt, Fragile Alliance, and Onslaught levels, which are ironically set in a sewer (understand our "gone to crap" joke yet?). 

If the poor critical response of the game has an indication on how this DLC is, then it's probable that it stinks. In fact, you can say that it reeks of poor gameplay and level design. Okay, enough with the jokes; we are curious though, is anyone out there actually playing Neverdead? Let us know by commenting below.