Netflix app boards the continuous watching train

Alllll aboard!  I feel like the ‘continue watching’ feature is all the rave right now.  Apparently people don’t like watching some show or movie all in the same place.  Who can blame them in this work a day world?  Well Netflix isn’t one who is going to stop a good thing.

With the new update to the iOS Netflix app, now you can watch, whatever you were watching continuously from the palm of your hand with an iPhone or iPad.  So if you NEED to finish that episode but work, school, a bridal shower is happening… get that @#$% on the go!  Don’t watch while driving though, come on people.

This update also added more titles than ever before so that’s even more reason to download / update this app.  Watch the video below… there is a lot of tapping; lots and lots of tapping.


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