Netflix announces ‘Bright’ sequel, Will Smith and Joel Edgerton to return

Oh boy, strap yourselves in for another music video movie!

Netflix bright

After spending $90 million on producing Bright, Netflix has announced that the film is officially getting a sequel. In its first three days on Netflix, Bright was watched by 11 million Netflix accounts (who knows how many people were in each room).

The film’s success is certainly reason to create a sequel. Luckily, Will Smith and Joel Edgerton are attached to reprise their roles. For better or for worse, David Ayer will once again be writing and directing the film. Max Landis will not be helping with the script this time around.

The release date for the film was not noted in the announcement, neither was the sequel’s official title.

Bright was panned by critics, but well-received by fans. The film was much less of a ‘Lord of the Rings in the future’ film and more of a ‘Rush Hour: Orc Edition’ movie. Check out the official announcement from Netflix below.