Nestle to release Kit Kat covered in real gold

Because why not?

There are no limits on KitKat bars when it comes to Nestlé's imagination, Japan has seen plenty of unique flavors for the bars that the rest of the world had to import to try and it looks like it's happening again – kind of. If you've been one to import KitKats to taste each unique flavor, this one might be a bit more expensive than the rest.

Nestlé's latest creation isn't necessarily a flavor, it's more of a… Well, it's a gold covered KitKat.   This December, the 'Sublime Gold KitKat' will be sold across a number of Nestlé Japan’s Chocolatory stores at 2,016 yen (US$16.41) for a single piece. 

The price may seem a little steep for a single piece of gold covered KitKat, but the gold leaf that encases each individually crafted chocolate has been added by hand. They are basically hand-crafted artisan KitKat bars, take that Portland.

On top of the gold encased KitKats, Nestlé Japan is offering an opportunity to win an actual 24-karat gold version of the chocolate bar. Oh, and if you are wondering why  Nestlé Japan went Willy Wonka on the KitKat it's because they want to celebrate the popularity of the standalone stores.