Nemesys Team Studio releases Fortix on Steam

April 14, 2010

Team Studio Releases Fortix on Steam

Nemesys Team Studio has released the
arcade casual game Fortix on PC. The game is also available on PSP Minis on PSN,
but is now coming to Steam as well. It is the first title of the Hungarian indie-developer
on Steam.

Fortix PSP has been a success among
players and gaming press from the start. PSM Magazine UK awarded 78 % while
GamingXP scored 85 %. Many commented the addictiveness of the game: “…will have
you hooked from the moment you turn it on” WonderwallWeb and Simple, addictive
and entertaining concept…” Pocket Gamer UK. The first review of Fortix PC was
written by Girl Gamers UK scoring 8,5 stars with a comment “Fortix is a great
casual game that will provide a lot of fun to the Steam community”.

Fortix has been developed by Nemesys,
a Hungarian indie development studio. Focusing on casual and racing games
Nemesys develops on a wide range of platforms such as PC, MAC, XBOX 360, PS3,
PSP, and Wii.

Szabolcs Jozsa lead designer at
Nemesys commented “It has been an exceptional experiment to take the concept of
a classic arcade game and the redesign it to a completely new casual, boosted
with game elements of the 21st century. We had a lots of fun during the
development and we honestly hope to provide the same for all Fortix players as

Fortix is a simple fence-off game
boosted by tricky game mechanics. The player controls crusader Fortix, a knight
who has been exiled by the evil Xitrof, and now is back to re-conquer his
father’s land. The objective of the game is to claim all castles on the
playfield by fencing them off. The player must cut more and more parts of the
playfield by drawing a closed shape from edge to edge. If any enemy unit hits
the knight or his line a life is lost.

Crusader Fortix has to fight vicious
dragons, bloodthirsty bats, destroy enemy turrets by gaining control over
catapults over 22 levels of increasing difficulty. The player will face
different types of speed modifying terrain such as roads, forests, swamps, and
seas. While the easy and normal difficulties are offering a light casual fun,
hard and impossible modes require sharp reflexes and strategic thinking as well.
Some deadly situations can only be solved by the use of power ups which appear
random on the playfield. Fortix offers a unique atmosphere by pastel colors and
its medieval soundtrack.

The PC version brings three new

  • Battle yourself: Unlock all twelve
    tricky achievements

  • Battle the computer: Fight the
    evil boss Xitrof himself on the ultimate level of the game

  • Battle the other players: beat the
    top score on the online leaderboard

Fortix will be released on Steam on
April 14, 2010.