Need for Speed World to feature Dolby Axon voice chat

Hearing your teammates drop the F-bomb is about to get a whole lot clearer in EA’s Need for Speed World.

The company announced on Saturday that the massively multiplayer online action racing game will incorporate Dolby Axon voice chat technology before the holiday.

“Dolby Axon helps ensure that communication among team members happens clearly and quickly when racing at over 100 miles an hour in Need for Speed World,” said Marketing Director Matt Tullis with Dolby Laboratories. “We’re really excited to be working closely with EA in bringing a new level of voice chat to their game.”

Integrating Dolby Axon into Need for Speed World will provide:

— Improved audio chain processing (noise suppression, echo suppression) for clear voice communication.

— Surround sound voice chat over stereo headsets, stereo speakers, and 5.1 playback systems delivering realistic in-game communication with teammates.

— Compatibility with any stereo headset, enabling gamers to experience clear, crisp voice quality without specialized equipment.

Need for Speed World is the first title in North America to incorporate Dolby Axon voice chat. The game is currently being featured at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX 2010) in Dolby’s booth, #612.