Need for Speed Most Wanted showcases new multiplayer features

In Need for Speed Most Wanted, playing solo is just the beginning. The heart of the game lies in all of the multiplayer features that come jam packed into Most Wanted.

Whether you're just going for the high score, or going for the longest drift, each and every move you do gets logged and tracked to let you stay competitive with your friends. Or be aggressive and go for Takedowns.

Most Wanted will also feature on the fly upgrades, which means you never have to leave the action while giving your car the edge above its competition.

Probably one of the best things about this trailer, and this game as a whole, is just how much it resembles Burnout. While I'm a fan of Need for Speed titles, I feel that Criterion is bringing back what NFS is all about. Leave the simulation aspects to Forza or Gran Turismo and give me the crazy arcade racer, with insane jumps, crazy drifts and spectacular crashes.

Need for Speed Most Wanted is scheduled to release October 30th on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.