NCsoft gives us a raging clue that a Guild Wars 2 expansion is underway

During a call of their recent earnings report, NCsoft revealed that an expansion to Guild Wars 2 is underway.

During the call, NCsoft confirmed it is "preparing an expansion pack," the first since Guild Wars 2's August 28, 2012 release date. This is interesting news considering that developer ArenaNet has repeatedly said that they were not developing an expansion for the game, with the latest statement coming in March 2013.

In the earnings report, Guild Wars 2 made up 21 percent of sales during NCsoft's first quarter of 2013. Meanwhile, the original Lineage came in at 28 percent, with Aion at 16 percent, and Blade and Soul at nine percent. Now I know what you're thinking — "how the hell did Lineage make more money than Guild Wars 2? I, too, am baffled. Lineage released in 1998. 

Even though NCsoft saw a decline in sales from North American and Europe, sales were still up 31 percent in this quarter compared to the last fiscal year. And net income is up 322 percent. 

There were no details during the call about what would be coming to Guild Wars 2 in the expansion, and no launch date has been decided on either.

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