NCAA Football 13 changes highlighted in new gameplay trailer

EA is showing off the all-new gameplay changes coming to NCAA Football 13 in a brand new trailer.

In the video you will see the new passing system that changes the way quarterbacks and receivers play and respond as well as the new read and react defensive AI system.

On the offensive side, NCAA 13 will feature a new pass trajectory and ball speed system that will adjust the trajectory and speed according to the pressure of the button press.  Of course, the quarterback rating of each player will also have a significant play in determining the accuracy and throwing power. 

The changes with passing doesn't stop there.  To help with the timing, there are 20 new quarterback drop backs that will eliminate gamers from pressing back immediately after hiking the ball.  The new system will let the QB automatically take the appropriate drop before players can take back control to pass.  New drop packs include screen drops, one-step drops out of the shotgun, drop backs with pump fakes built-in, and many more.  There are also 8 QB avoidance abilities to make playing in the pocket even better.

It looks like the overall goal will be to make NCAA Football 13 as realistic as possible.  From route running to drop back, timing will be everything now.

This includes defense as well.  Now they will need to see the ball to make a play.  They will need to read before they react, and because of that EA has realigned the defense to be in better position to see the QB and read the receiver.  This will also include different defense techniques like trail, where the defenders will try to get inside because they know they have deep help over the top.

“The more realistic the game gets, the more we’re making it like a chess match, and that’s exactly the type of realism we’re looking to create in this game," EA said.

I could go on, but you should really just watch the video.  Let's hope the gameplay changes are actually as effective as EA is hyping them to be.