NCAA Football 13 aims to capture the true ’emotion’ of college football

Last year's NCAA Football 12 proved to be a nostalgia driven experience with an improved gameplay system. From Colorado running out with their beloved mascot to Notre Dame's players hitting the "Play like a Champion Today" sign, NCAA Football 12 was everything we wished it would be. Fans should not be worried about a dismal showing for 2013, though, EA is continuing to strive for pure authenticity, and it's looking promising. 

According to a recent IGN preview, EA is focusing on capturing the true, raw emotion of college football for NCAA Football 13, which includes additional team traditions, slick jersey introductions, and Battlefield 3 paratroopers (Yes, you heard us right!): 

NCAA Football 13 keeps all of that and adds more. Rather than get caught off guard like they did last year with Oregon's constant stream of brand new jerseys, EA is working with colleges under nondisclosure agreements so that the uniforms you don't even know about yet will be in the video game. When you win a conference championship game or a big bowl game, you'll get to see your team hoist that specific trophy — the Little Brown Jug, Paul Bunyan's axe, and the oranges in that damn bowl. 

EA's taking what it did last year and refining it. If your team had its signature tradition, it's probably untouched (but look for new love letters such as unique cheerleaders for USC and Texas). However, if you were overlooked last year, expect some bells and whistles — Purdue enters with its train and Texas A&M with Reveille. There are even Battlefield 3 paratroopers (or para-mascots) for insane celebrations and a slew of FIFA heads to make create-a-player more diverse. 

All the polish isn't getting wasted on the accoutrements, though. In-game action now features motion blur to mimic how speed looks on TV and to give you a better idea of "Holy crap, that guy's moving." Audio is also seeing an overhaul. EA went to 24 different games last season to record ambient noise and in-stadium chants so that Seminoles war chant sounds like 30,000 people rather than 30 dudes on a soundstage. 

You can read the entire preview by clicking here

It's nice to see EA paying close attention to each school's traditions, especially when this game is all about "your team, your experience." Gameplay impressions are currently embargoed until next month, and while we expect little change, EA will definitely be addressing some issues that plagued last year's solid football experience. Overall, we can't wait to get back out on the gridiron and strap up…metaphorically speaking of course.