NBA 2K18 will feature a semi-open world

Why go to the gym in real life when you can go to the gym in 2K!

NBA 2K18 is an incredibly successful sports franchise that continues to be a critical and financial success every single year. There's a proven formula that is rarely changed from year to year but now, 2K is looking to innovate in a big way.

With 2K18, 2K will be making a major and most likely welcome change. Veterans of the series probably know of MyPark where you go to shoot hoops and have small matches against other players on regular outside street courts, 2K is looking to expand on that in a huge way. On top of having your everyday basketball court, there's now an entire small town for players to roam around in. You can walk, bike, and possibly even skateboard around to different activities and customize your character in this space. The town (simply known as The Neighborhood) features various different stores like Foot Locker so players can customize their outfit and even visit a barber shop to get a haircut.

You can take a look at the mode in a trailer and live stream below.

The feature will be included in the Xbox One, PS4, and even Nintendo Switch versions of the game. It was recently revealed that the Nintendo Switch version will be nearly identical to the PS4 version, it'll include the same modes but it'll take a hit in the graphics and frame rate department to make sure it is equal to the PS4 version in terms of modes.

NBA 2K18 will release on September 19th, 2017.