Naughty Dog sheds light on The Last of Us pre-order bonuses, briefly mentions multiplayer

On Friday at the VGAs, Naughty Dog announced that The Last of Us would launch on May 7, 2013. Now the developer has even more news for PlayStation 3 owners who are eager to get their hands on the game.

Folks who pre-order The Last of Us will receive some in-game bonuses via the Sights and Sounds Pack. The extras featured in this exclusive content include the game's soundtrack, a PlayStation 3 dynamic theme, and two PlayStation Network avatars (Winter Joel and Winter Ellie).

Individuals who pre-order at GameStop will also receive the Survival Pack, which comes with a host of extra content. Included in this pre-order pack are bonus XP for multiplayer, melee attack boost for multiplayer, extra starting in-game cash, special character items for multiplayer, and bonus skins for Joel and Ellie (unlocked after beating the campaign).

It looks as though Naughty Dog wants multiplayer in The Last of Us to be quite a focus as a lot of these pre-order bonuses are related to that component. Unfortunately, the company didn't reveal much about that mode, though it certainly plans to do so prior to the game's launch next year.

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