Naughty Dog resolves theft issue in The Last of Us

Graphic designer Cameron Booth accused Naughty Dog this week of stealing his rail map of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and using it in The Last of Us, which released this month to much critical acclaim.

But it looks like the two parties have sorted out their grievances.

"I’ve just spoken with Naughty Dog over the phone in a very constructive conversation," Booth wrote on his website in an update today. "Can’t say more at the moment, but it seems as if matters will be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction shortly. I can say that they do acknowledge their error in using my map and were very apologetic for it. I likewise apologised for my initial vitriolic post. A lot of mutual respect for each other’s creative work."

Booth originally criticized Naughty Dog for using the map "without permission or payment." He was furious, to say the least. And considering how well The Last of Us was received, I would be, too.

Naughty Dog seems like great people, though, so it's no surprise Booth and the developer were able to reach an agreement of some kind.

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