Naughty Dog publishes slew of screenshots and info about The Last of Us

Late last night, Naughty Dog shared a supply of screenshots and information about The Last of Us that was previously exclusive to the pages of Game Informer magazine. Today the developer of such games as Uncharted and Jak & Daxter updated that post and republished it on their own website.

The original article was posted on both the PS.Blog US and PS.Blog EU.

Game Informer recently put together a cover story for the game based on a demonstration that Naughty Dog gave during the publication's short visit to their office.

"The most important part of their visit, to me, was that we were able to show a well-polished, nearly fifteen minute game demo of The Last of Us," wrote Arne Meyer (@arne), senior manager of marketing communications at Naughty Dog, who describes the demo footage in the post alongside a wealth of high-resolution screenshots.

Fans and journalists who are interested in The Last of Us—Naughty Dog's upcoming post-apocalyptic game, which presents a new angle on the overused zombie outbreak theme by focusing the story on a bizarre fungus invasion—can now scoop up these once unobtainable screenshots and game details.

The PlayStation 3 exclusive title is scheduled for Q4 of this year or possibly Q1 of 2013.