Naughty Dog has ‘no plans’ to port The Last of Us onto PlayStation 4

Developer Naughty Dog has “no plans” to port over The Last of Us onto PlayStation 4, according to Community Strategist Eric Monacelli.

Monacelli took to the PlayStation Blog Tuesday to announce the release of four new multiplayer maps for the blockbuster. He also fielded questions from commenters, including one that asked about the possibility of a port.

"We have no plans to do that,” Monacelli replied.

GameZone’s Matt Liebl called The Last of Us “a brutally honest take on humanity's survival in a post-apocalyptic world” in his shining 9.5/10 review. If you’re looking to get in on one of 2013’s most acclaimed titles, it looks like you’ll have to do so on a PlayStation 3.

Source: [PlayStation Blog]