Naruto City in Japan Makes Real Hokage Rock

Whether you’ve heard of or played the video games, read the manga, or have sat down and watched Naruto religiously since day one, one thing’s for sure: Everyone’s favorite rambunctious ninja has become a cultural phenomenon worldwide. Just visit any anime, gaming or comic convention in the world and you’re bound to see thousands of failed cosplay attempts by fans who have no business wearing a Tsunade, Sasuke or Sakura outfit. The latest Naruto treasure? A replica of Naruto’s Hidden Leaf’s Hokage Rock in Japan.

Based out in Naruto, an actual city that’s located out in the Toskushima Prefecture of Japan, the city recently hosted a number of events to attract tourists who are fans of the series. They offered official Naruto gift certificates, posters for the Awa Odori summer dance festival, and Naruto’s voice actress Junko Takeuchi even made a guest appearance on the last day.

So for those of you planning a trip to Japan sometime soon, be sure to cave in and visit. It’s definitely something that will be worth checking out, especially if you’re a fan of the series.

[Source: Sankei News]

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