NAMCO BANDAI Games The Munchables for Wii Now Available

May 26, 2009

Munchables for Wii Now Available

Order Up! A Delectable Feast of
Fun and Adventure is Served

NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.,
today announced that The Munchables for Wii has shipped to North American
retailers. Exploring rich and vibrant environments, players will devour
delectable enemies as they guide their quirky heroes in this zany alien munching
mash-up filled with fun and addictive gameplay.

Don Onion and his vicious band of
space pirates have usurped the peaceful Munchables’ lush planet, and only the
limitless appetite of lovable Munchy and brave Chomper can save them. It’s
all-you-can-eat as players enjoy the rich and colorful environments and consume
delicious enemies on their quest to free the planet from the evil tyranny of Don
Onion. As the stalwart heroes devour their food enemies, they grow larger and
more powerful, preparing them for the next challenging foe until they ultimately
face off against Don Onion and his evil robot King Pumpkin. Bosses and minions
alike are plentiful and tenacious as they try to derail the champions from their
just cause.

In The Munchables, players are
called upon to eat and defeat over 150 insidious enemies who have taken over the
planet including Eggplanter, Big Fishy, Brocco-Lee and Rice Baller. Players can
also enjoy Mirror Mode, where stages are in reverse order and they must beat the
clock in order to save the world. Further assisting the daring duo are several
power-up modes such as Vacuum Mode and Speed Mode which spice up the gameplay.
Players will dig into this fun and exciting adventure and keep coming back for

The Munchables is rated “E” for
everyone by the ESRB and has a MSRP of $29.99. For more information on The
Munchables, please visit: