NAMCO BANDAI Games Announces Namco Museum DS

April 10, 2007

NAMCO BANDAI Games Announces Namco Museum DS

Gamers Will Experience a Namco Blast From the

Leading video games publisher and developer NAMCO
BANDAI Games America Inc. announced today that Namco Museum DS is bringing its
popular arcade games to the Nintendo DS this summer. Namco Museum DS introduces
a new generation of gamers to an era of timeless games and non-stop

Namco Museum DS allows gamers to experience a
virtual arcade portal where they can choose from up to eight games: Pac-Man,
Pac-Man VS, Galaga, Xevious, Dig Dug II, Galaxian, Mappy, and The Tower of
Druaga. Bringing back the meaning of family-fun, Namco Museum DS delivers
excitement to gamers of all ages and offers entertainment all can enjoy.

“Namco Museum DS is a perfect way to bridge
generation gaps between all people both old and young,” Makoto Iwai , Executive
Vice President and COO at NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc., said. “Older gamers
will love the old school arcade feel, and new gamers will enjoy the addicting
quality of the games on a handheld system.”

Features that are unique to Namco Museum DS
include a screen mode selection that allows the use of different screen
combinations on the Nintendo DS. This will allow players the chance to fit their
classic games specifically to the Nintendo DS or in the "stand-up" arcade style.
Players can also enjoy wireless battles in Pac-Man VS, an addictive take on
Pac-Man which was previously only available exclusively with the purchase or
pre-order of previous games. This version of the game features downloadable play
where up to four players can battle using only one Game Card.

Namco Museum DS Includes:

  • Pac-Man VS.
    Originally released in 2003 – For the first time in the series, you and your
    friends now have the chance to be the famous Ghosts from Pac-Man! With one
    person playing as Pac-Man, and up to 3 people playing as Ghosts, this
    incredibly fun multiplayer game offers endless enjoyment with just one game
  • Dig Dug II
    Originally released in 1987 – Equipped with only a drill and a pump, hit weak
    fault line points in an attempt to sink portions of an island sending your
    enemies deep into the sea!
  • Galaga
    Originally released in 1981 – Pilot a space ship, fend off frantic swarms of
    bee-like aliens, try your luck with “Challenging Stages,” and find the best
    way to deal with enemies’ powerful tractor beams!
  • Galaxian
    Originally released in 1979 – A precursor to Galaga, destroy flying aliens as
    they move in from formation to attack you.
  • Mappy
    Originally released in 1983 – Control Mappy, a police mouse. Bounce on
    trampolines and open or close doors to dodge chasing cats, all in an attempt
    to retrieve valuable items from the cats’ mansion
  • Pac-Man
    Originally released in 1980 – Play the most popular arcade game of all time!
    Navigate the yellow fellow through the original Pac-Man maze, avoid ghosts
    while chomping pellets and fruit, and use power pellets to turn the ghosts
    blue and get some payback!
  • Xevious
    Originally released in 1982 – Use a heavily armed fighter plane to destroy
    enemies and targets in the air and on the ground.

For more information about Namco Museum DS,
please visit the official site at
. Namco Museum DS will have a suggested retail price
of $19.99 when it hits shelves this Summer.