Mythic Postpones Imperator


Company to focus development on "Warhammer"
MMORPG and "Dark Age of Camelot"

– July 13, 2005 –
Mythic Entertainment, developer and publisher of massively-multiplayer online
role-playing games, today announced the production postponement of "Imperator,"
the sci-fi MMORPG previously scheduled for a June 2006 release. The decision was
made after a complete internal review of the project status.

“This was the most difficult decision that we
have ever had to make,” said Mark Jacobs, CEO and president of Mythic
Entertainment. “However, our tremendous success with ‘Dark Age of Camelot’ set
the standard for Mythic of releasing nothing less than triple-A games, and
‘Imperator’ was simply not meeting that standard.”

There are no personnel layoffs planned as a
result of this decision. Staff will be reassigned to the ongoing development of
"Dark Age of Camelot" including the next expansion, "Darkness Rising," scheduled
for Q4 ’05. In addition some personnel have already been assigned to the new "Warhammer"
MMORPG which Mythic announced at E3 in May 2005.

“Our team made a tremendous effort with the
game and the praise it drew at E3 and in previews reflected their skill and
dedication,” Jacobs continued. “But in the final analysis it just wasn’t great
enough to be a Mythic game at this time.”

Mythic will perform an internal reassessment
of the game’s features and make a decision on how to proceed with its
development in the future.

The decision to postpone "Imperator" also
means that the company’s plans to establish a European publishing office have
been postponed. It is expected that those plans will resume as the company
prepares for its 2007 worldwide publication of the "Warhammer" MMORPG.