Mythic Entertainment Sounds Call to Arms, Begins Warhammer Online Reenlistment Campaign

December 16, 2009

Mythic Entertainment Sounds Call
to Arms, Begins Warhammer Online Reenlistment Campaign

From December 16th – 23rd, Past
Subscribers Can Return to WAR for 10 Days of Free Game Play, In-Game Item
Rewards, and Other Bonuses

Mythic Entertainment has sounded a
rallying call for past players of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR) with
their new Call to Arms Reenlistment Campaign. All past subscribers of WAR are
invited to return to the game between December 16th – 23rd to receive special
in-game item rewards and ten (10) free days of game time to discover why WAR is
now even better than ever!

Returning players must visit the
Mythic Account Center (
between December 16th – 23rd to reactivate their WAR accounts. Players will have
access to all of their characters during the free 10-day re-evaluation period
which begins upon reactivation. No subscription required.

“So much has changed on the
battlefields of WAR over the past several months, and we are giving all
returning players 10 free days to come back and experience these improvements
for themselves,” said Jeff Hickman, Studio Executive Producer at Mythic
Entertainment. “The game runs faster and is more stable than ever before. We’ve
really improved the RvR experience – we’ve removed fortresses as a barrier to
sacking the cities, we’ve implemented the new Underdog System, and you can
always find a battle in Open RvR. There has never been a better time to step
back into the Age of Reckoning and re-join the WAR!”

The Call to Arms Reenlistment
Campaign will also offer returning players three valuable in-game item rewards:
The Libram of Insight (+15% to Experience, Renown, and Influence; limited uses),
The Signet of Cursed Company (turns a player into a skeleton), and Kemmler’s
Arthritic Hand (enhanced Action Point regeneration). In addition, both current
and former players will receive a 20% bonus to Experience, Renown and Influence
while playing WAR from December 16th – 23rd.

Past subscribers can download the
full game client from

Based on the popular tabletop war
game from Games Workshop, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning features
revolutionary Realm vs. Realm conflict that will provide players with an
engaging battleground for years to come. WAR is available now for PC and Mac,
and is rated “T” for Teen by the ESRB. For more information or to download the
Endless Free Trial, visit