Mystic Journey: Fairyland USA Announced Today


EASUSA to Publish Unique Massively
Multiplayer Game

EAS USA, an established leader in the telecommunications field now entering the
gaming space, today announced the unveiling of its debut title, “Mystic Journey:
Fairyland USA,” a massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in a 2.5D
graphical world, where you will be able to adventure, fight evil, and become a

Mystic Journey: Fairyland USA is currently in
Open Beta and is scheduled to go P2P (Pay to Play) on March 2nd, 2005.

“Mystic Journey: Fairyland USA is a unique
offering coming to the massively multiplayer market,” said Judy Chen, Vice
President of EAS USA. “We stumbled upon this unique game that had recently
launched in Malaysia, and we knew we had to introduce it to US audiences.”

Mystic Journey is a huge world including many
realms, such as: the world of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty,
Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Little Red Riding Hood, The Matchstick Girl,
Mermaid, Alice in Wonderland, Emperor’s Robe, Peter Pan, The Arabian Nights and
many more. Each environment offers different stories and exciting adventures,
providing you with a myriad of surprises!

“We’re very excited over the potential Mystic
Journey: Fairyland USA has,” said Serene Pang, Marketing Manager of EAS USA. “It
is so different from the current crop of massively multiplayer games that we’re
confident it will meet with high praise among US gamers.”

Mystic Journey: Fairyland helps you make your
dreams come true! The natural genius and creativity that you already possess
will enable you to become a hero admired by many others. Follow your dreams and
discover your destiny! Demonstrate your strength, ability, and intelligence by
leading your team to conquest evil and enter into your own Mystic Journey.

To find out more about Mystic Journey:
Fairyland USA, please visit


EAS USA is a global corporation now entering
the US gaming marketplace after already establishing itself in the
telecommunications field. Incorporated in 1998, EAS USA has rapidly established
a loyal customer base and high quality global network.