My Little Flufties Trailer

April 10, 2007


New trailer online

G-Stars und Lexicon Entertainment
present a new My Little Flufties Trailer. This summer the cute animals will be
available for Nintendo DS! Have a look at the colourfull and cute world of My
Little Flufties!

Click here to download the
Little Flufties

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About My Little Flufties

“My Little Flufites” – a game for 3
to 8 years old children will fascinate young gamer with cute characters and
animations and will amuse them by sweet comics and an easy gameplay. There is
definitely no violence in this game and the entire environment appears soothing
and peaceful.

In this life-simulation children
supervise their virtual pets and learn in an easy and playable way to take over
responsibility for somebody. In this colourful world of fairy stories many
exciting quests are waiting for the gamer who will handle them together with his
little friends – the flufties.


  • Cute, colourful and appealing
    cartoon styled graphics.

  • 5 adorable species/creatures to
    care for and all fully animated

  • A delightful and fascinating fairy
    tale world that will captivate young minds

  • 5 exciting bonus games: Fish-o-matic,
    Hopscotch, Mole-o-matic, Shoot-the balloons and Find the Tweet-Tweet

  • Huge Replayabilty

  • Rewards to keep young minds

  • Statistics and help screens

  • Calm and relaxing ambience, with
    25 minutes of orchestral music

Developer: DK-Games Release: Q2 2007