My brother is ruining the Pokemon X & Y launch by getting married tomorrow, so here’s a live-action launch trailer

My brother and fellow GameZone editor, Matt Liebl, is a selfish son of a b*tch. Dude is getting married tomorrow, on October 12 — that's the same day Pokemon X & Y launches in the United States. As the best man, how the hell am I supposed to find time to play tomorrow?!

I'll just watch this live-action launch trailer just released for Pokemon X & Y while I brood over the inability to play the game on launch day. 

If you care to do so, you can congratulate my brother on his wedding tomorrow, or berate him on his lack of caring about Pokemon, by tweeting him @Matt_GZ. He needs to be put in his place. 

God I wish the game released today…

P.S. I can definitely throw a Pokeball better than the guy in the trailer. 

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