Mutant Mudds headed to PC

It was a dark day in indie gaming land when developer Renegade Kid revealed via Twitter that its hit 2D action game, Mutant Mudds, had been denied on Steam. The title just seemed like a perfect fit for Valve's digital distribution service.

Thankfully, Renegade Kid has announced that it will release Mutant Mudds for PC, though launch details are still under wraps. There's still no word regarding what digital download outlet the studio has decided on, but the company is set on releasing the game for PC "through numerous digital distribution partners", which is excellent news.

The upcoming PC version of Mutant Mudds will feature all 40 stages from the original 3DS eShop game, and Renegade Kid is even throwing in an addition 20 levels! Sweetness!

Watch out for Mutant Mudds: Grannie Edition on PC download platforms. I swear that's what Renegade Kid is calling it.

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