Mutant League Football looks to return to the grid iron

Mutant League Football, one of my favorite games to play growing up, could make a return. It all depends on the newly launched Kickstarter which seeks $750,000.

Monsters and Mutants take the field to battle it out in the most violent game ever played in this hilarious and brutal parody of professional Football. Mutant Football League pays homage to the classic Sega Genesis game by building a great playing action football game with deep strategy, creature customization, over-the-top violence and of course laugh-out-loud gross out humor.

The Kickstarter is being run by Michael Mendheim, the creator and lead designer for the original game which was pitched to Electronic Arts back in 1991. Released in 1993, it went on to spawn a syndicated television series, a comic, a toy line, and a sequel, Mutant League Hockey. For now, though, Mendheim is only seeking the funds for football.

"Over the last twenty years the press and fans of the original game (and the animated TV show) have kept the idea alive through online surveys, blogs, reviews and articles. Mutant League is always on the top 10 list of games people would like to see remade and for years fans and members of the gaming press have been asking me when the game will be resurrected," Mendheim said.

As for why Mendheim is turning to Kickstarter, he says it's because "no game publisher will take a risk on the idea after ten years of trying."

"While it would have been terrific to work with some of the talented individuals that are still at EA, I must say that we’re looking forward to having full creative control over a NEW storyline, characters and environments so that players can enjoy the absurdly grotesque, tongue-through-cheek, **monster-and-mutant, gameplay experience that we want to make," he added.

The game will include the use of brutal enforcer players, field obstacles and hazards, player weapons, dirty trick plays, and everything you'd expect to see when mutants and monstars clash on the grid iron. So head over to Kickstarter and help fund this badass game so that my nostalgia can finally be satisfied. If successfully funded, Mutant League Football will be released on Xbox 360, PS3, iOS, and Android devices.