MS blows the lid of Xbox Series X with new controller & tech dive

It's the motherload

Microsoft has opened the floodgates for its upcoming next-gen game console, the Xbox Series X. Via multiple official posts through the Xbox Wire, we now know almost everything about the future of the Xbox together with the newly unveiled Series X Xbox controller.

Phil Spencer isn’t joking around when it comes to next-gen. After taking over the reins of the Xbox division, Spencer managed to turn around the disastrous launch of the Xbox One and positioned Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem back on the right track. Game Pass, Project xCloud and most importantly, the Xbox Series X are good signs that team green is ready to ruffle Sony’s feather right from the start of next-gen.

The Xbox Series X managed to capture the attention of gamers all around the world by being unveiled and talked about earlier than Sony’s PlayStation 5. In fact, we still haven’t seen any kind of Sony press conference about its future console. Only some dry teases and talks in interviews. Meanwhile, Microsoft has been very candid about sharing some technical specifications alongside the sleek console design itself.

Today, the Xbox team has fully opened the doors for the Series X with a detailed breakdown of the new console. Know, the entire world knows the detailed spec sheet of the Xbox Series X. While we already learned about the rough power levels, now we also know the exact clockspeeds of its CPU, that it will feature 16GB of RAM alongside a whopping 1TB NVME SSD. Later is poised to become a gamechanger by virtually eliminating load times and enabling highly detailed open-worlds that simply weren’t possible before. I mean, just check out this official comparison video!

On that front, we also learn that the Series X will use proprietary card-like expandable SSD that will expand the 1TB NVME SSD with an exactly similar external NVME SSD. There’s no word on pricing but we hope Microsoft won’t do the same mistakes that Sony did with the ill-fated Vita memory cards. Regular USB HDD support will still be available, though.

Compared to that, the new Xbox Series X controller looks more like a refinement rather than a revolution. Outstanding improvements are a new D-pad that looks heavily influenced by the Elite Controller alongside a dedicated Share Button similar to the DualShock 4. PC gamers should also be happy that this new controller will be supported right out of the box on Windows. So, the definite PC controller also just got an upgrade.

We highly advise reading the full posts to learn more about the future of Xbox in detail.