Movie-Based Game Targets Microsoft Xbox Liver Arcade – Days Of Wrath

October 1, 2008


Do you think you’ve got what it
takes to become the most notorious gangster of North America? Could you stare
down the barrel of a gun without blinking? Are you capable of running a gang
spanning multiple cities without getting killed in the process?

Foxy Films and game developer United
Coders are proud to announce that Microsoft Xbox LIVE® Arcade is the 1st target
for the movie-based game, and has a scheduled release date sometime spring of

In the game, your job is to control
one of four different gangs, taking personal control of the gangs’ leaders as
you expand your empire. Your objective is clear: To become the most powerful
gang leader in the country! Each gang will have unique strengths and weaknesses;
you must take over and control the other gangs, using whatever means necessary –
violence, extortion, corruption, drugs, money, and weapons.

In addition to the game, it is also
intended to make the movie available for purchase as a download. Furthermore,
several expansion packs are scheduled that will provide additional content such
as additional playable cities, gangs, missions and items.