Move Beats Kinect 2:1 in Japan

Kinect may be outselling Move here in North America, but that isn’t the case in Japan. Sales reports indicate that Sony’s motion gaming controller is outselling Microsoft’s hands-free device by a two to one ratio. Within the last year, Sony has managed to push 170,000 units. Meanwhile, Microsoft has put 90,000 individual peripherals in households, which by itself isn’t a meager accomplishment, but one that certainly falls short of Sony’s impressive sales.

These figures include both bundles and individual sales. It’s interesting to think about the audiences that Move and Kinect attract depending on the region. The North American market, for example, is much more geared toward Kinect.

The war between Kinect and Move rages on, and there seems to be no end in sight. While outside Japan, Sony boasts comfortable sales for its motion peripheral, and in North America, Microsoft continues its a high success rate with Kinect, the two markets are giving us contrasting sales figures. It definitely looks like both the peripherals and the games designed for them appeal to different markets.

In related news, Sony’s Torne peripheral has managed to outsell both Kinect and Move by a large number. The DVR accessory for PlayStation 3 sold a whopping 784,000 units throughout the year. With the recording device faring so well in the land of the rising sun, will North America and Europe see the Torne in the near future?