Most of Bungie’s devs are already working on Destiny 2

Hope the main story is better in Destiny 2

Finally, some more information about the state of Bungie's next big game, Destiny 2, has been revealed and apparently the majority of Bungie is working on it.

During the quarterly financial conference call Activision's Publishing CEO, Eric Hirshberg, revealed a thing or two about what Bungie is up to with Rise of Iron and Destiny 2.

Apparently, the biggest challenge for Bungie with Destiny isn't generating demand for more content from the community, but keeping up with the already existing demand. According to Hirshberg some "real progress" has been made when it comes to tackling the demand.

It also seems like Rise of Iron has managed to generate more hype than The Taken King managed. If you look at the number of pre-orders there is "evidence of the continued passion and engagement for this game and this universe from the community".

Hirshberg also revealed that the majority of the teams at Bungie are "focused entirely on creating Destiny 2, which is still on track for release next year, and is gonna be awesome." This puts the team on track with the plans they revealed for the future of Destiny which they revealed about six months ago.

As well as releasing Rise of Iron later this year and Destiny 2 sometime in 2017, Bungie will keep on releasing a lot of updates to keep players playing the game.

Source: DualShockers