More Binding of Isaac Info, New Trailer

As you can probably tell by the oodles of news stories I’ve been posting for The Binding of Isaac, I’m really excited to play this game. The upcoming project from one-half of Team Meat, Edmund McMillen, looks like a promising indie download. And though some gamers may not want to admit it, it definitely appears as if this talented individual has managed to combine the unlikely duo of roguelike and shooter with The Binding of Isaac.

In an interview, McMillen shed further light on his upcoming game. One aspect gamers are curious about is the difficulty in The Binding of Isaac. “Isaac is hard, but it only gets harder the more you play–and the more you play, the more the game unfolds and unlocks new bosses, items, and levels,” said McMillen.

“In Super Meat Boy, you can die 20 times in a level that takes you 15 seconds to finish,” continued the developer. “In Isaac, you can have play sessions that last 45 minutes and end in perma-death: When you die in Isaac, that game is 100 percent over; you never come back with items you had in your last play session. It’s always a different game and different ‘character.'”

It certainly seems that The Binding of Isaac will offer a traditional roguelike experience in terms of its perma-death factor. Like plenty of games in the genre, however, it will likely be an addictive, action-packed experience that keeps players on edge as they go through the dungeons. There’s still no solid launch date for The Binding of Isaac, but McMillen continues to stress that the game will launch later this month. In the meantime, check out the opening cinematic from The Binding of Isaac.