More than 7 million gamers will have to repurchase Minecraft on Xbox One

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition sales have surpassed seven million copies, developer 4J Studios proudly announced today. This number will surely increase as the disc-based version of the game released in the UK today. It's a great milestone and all, but I wonder if a lot of these people know they'll have to repurchase the game once they migrate over to the Xbox One.

At E3, Microsoft confirmed Minecraft: Xbox One Edition, which is basically more Minecraft on the new console — with bigger maps and more multiplayer options. Unfortunately, it seems anyone who already purchased the game on Xbox 360 will have to buy it again as the Xbox One is not backwards compatible. That could explain why the the separate Xbox One version exists.

So… yay for buying the same game twice? I'm sure 4J and Mojang will love tweeting those numbers.