More OUYA game sales revealed, more lackluster results

Yesterday, reports of Ouya's game sales began to make their rounds, with a few of the system's game developers announcing how much money their game generated. The figures overall were largely underwhelming; most of the games generated around or way under $5,000. Today, we've got a few more numbers to report on, courtesy of IGN.

Crescent Moon Games admitted its high-end open-world RPG Ravensword: Shadowlands has been generating around $100-$200 dollars per day since the game's launch. That amounts to $3,000 to $6,000 since June.

Radiangames, a one-man indie studio ran by Luke Schneider, said that its two Ouya ports have generated "111 sales from 3,243 downloads in six days," and that's without any featured placement on the Ouya store. Schneider acknowledged his games won't make "a lot of money," but seemed confident that "they'll pay for themselves soon enough."

Robot Invader, developer of Wind-Up Knight, said the port of its auto-runner had been downloaded 15,000 times, with 1% opting to purchase the full title. After the Ouya's cut, it had generated $726.88. It doesn't sound like a lot — because it isn't in the grand scheme of things — but developer Chris Pruett said the studio doesn't consider it a loss because of "the ease with which we were able to bring this game to Ouya." He said it was "almost free" for the studio to port it.

Lastly, Knightmare Tower developer Juicy Beast confirmed the title has been downloaded 49,000 times, with 2,100 purchases. At $3.99, the game has earned the developer $6,000 after the Ouya's cut. The studio also agreed it was "pretty easy" to port the game over to Ouya.

Despite the lack of huge profit, the consensus seems to be that it's very easy to port Android games to the system and that anyone who already has a controller-friendly game could do so with little expense. While the few hundred, or thousand, dollars might help a smaller indie studio, I doubt a larger publisher/developer is willing to risk the money or resources until the Ouya can prove more valuable.