More on Watch Dogs and its ‘seamless’ multiplayer

Is anybody else really confused with Watch Dogs multiplayer offerings? From what I understand — or more like from what Ubisoft has shown  us — Watch Dogs will have a full single-player experience that can be enjoyed offline. But why would you do that when the game offers such an intriguing multiplayer component — at least, I think it's intriguing. Ubisoft hasn't shed much light on the game's multiplayer features, but they've certainly hinted at it.

It all started back at E3 when we were shown what was originally believed to be single-player offline gameplay. However, if you recall — don't worry if you don't, the video below (at the 13:54 mark) will remind you — we saw a character called Bixxel_44 hack into Aiden Pierce's phone. From there, the game zoomed out to an overview of Chicago with several other characters playing along, connected in same game world in an a "seamless" experience. We saw something similar in the Watch Dogs gameplay premiere video at the PS4 event; a player by the name of PixxelFD was tracking Aiden through security cameras.

The point is, the single-player and multiplayer in Watch Dogs will "seamlessly" overlap with one another. Players will be able to join into your game and either help or hinder your progress. Apparently there will be some sort of incentive to partake in this connectivity, such as experience points or other rewards.

Watch Dogs' connected experience will also extend to a companion app that Ubisoft is developing for mobile devices. It presents an overhead of Chicago and allows you (Aiden) to do anything in terms of hacking. There are even some other features that you can do from the app that even Aiden can't do, like the app user switching the street lights in order to help or hidner the player's escape from cops.

Consider me intrigued.