More misogyny in video games? Lingerie Football League teams with developer Yuke’s

With all of the sexist, misogynist complaints we've been hearing about in the gaming industry lately, I can't wait to see the response to this one.

Officials from the Lingerie Football League, the one that has almost-naked women parading up and down a football field, have announced a partnership with Japanese developer Yuke's Co. Ltd to design and develop official LFL gaming platforms. Oh boy.

Yuke's is based in Osaka, Japan and has produced popular sports game franchises like Undisputed for the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Smackdown! for the WWE. Now, they will attempt to take on what BusinessWeek is calling the "fastest growing sports league".

Let me get this straight; at a time where the industry is divided amongst childish, sexist pigs and those fighting for women's rights in games, we have a game coming out that practically encourages men to oogle at ladies stripped down to their underwear. Am I missing something here?

According to the statement, Yuke's and the LFL will design and develop LFL gaming platforms with a focus on "capturing the essence of the intensity, speed, beauty and on-the-field action of LFL Football."

It also helps that the core global fan base of the LFL fits right in with the video game demographic: "nearly 60-percent Men, 18-34".

The industry is currently going through a shakeup which saw a huge debacle with the recent Tomb Raider trailer that showed female protagonist Lara Croft draw comparisons to that of a rape victim. We then saw 4chan viciously attack Anita Sarkeesian's Kickstarter project which sought out to examine "Tropes vs. Women in Video Games". Apparently, this is a great time to announce a game that models itself after almost-naked females playing football.

“As a leading sports and entertainment focused company, we have to keep a pulse on what is the next big franchise. We at YUKE’S feel that there is incredible momentum building behind the LFL and that the sport is perfectly positioned to become the next big franchise in the gaming world,” said Yukinori Taniguchi, CEO, Yuke’s Co., Ltd.

Let's just hope that men are picking this game up for another sports title and not to do anything naughty while watching these women play football.

I've actually seen a game of LFL, those girls can play. I've got no doubt they could probably kick my ass in a game of football, but I think the thing that bothers a lot of people is why they have to play in their underwear. I mean, I get why they do it obviously, but do they really need to? I suppose sex sells, but let's just sells how well it sells through a video game.

I understand why people could be upset about this, but then let me ask you this question. If these women are willing to play in their underwear, and embracing their sexiness, can we really judge the people who watch it – whatever their reasons may be?