More Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshots released, show off police chases and…a new character?

It's been a past quiet couple of months since the announcement of Grand Theft Auto 5, but for whatever reason Rockstar decided to cause some waves by releasing a slew of screenshots this week. Four new screenshots for the highly-anticipated GTA 5 were released today taking a look at the "business" side of the game.

Part of the business in Grand Theft Auto is running from the cops. This fresh batch of screenshots shows four different ways you can escape the fuzz.

The big thing that I notice when looking at these is that the character who we've seen in the past trailer and screenshots is noticeably missing. This new guy has darker skin and a shaved head — clearly not the same person we saw in past images.

With the addition of these four new screenshots, it brings the total this week to 10. Don't expect anymore, however. In the post, Rockstar told fans they hoped they "enjoyed this week's 10 screenshot special" and that they'd be back with more in a "few weeks or so".

Given the lack of details or any news beyond what we can scrape from these screenshots, I think it's a safe bet to rule out a 2012 release for Grand Theft Auto. I just don't see how it'd be possible given that we are now almost in September.

In the meantime, check out the past Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshots that were released: