More evidence points to Half-Life 3 in development

Shortly after Valve's registration for the Half-Life 3 trademark was discovered, the developer's internal User Picker software was mysteriously made open to the public last night.

Although now taken down, it was available just long enough for Reddit users to snag screenshots of various internal development groups currently at Valve — including two particularly intriguing groups marked "Half-Life 3" with 46 staff members assined and "Half-Life 3 Core" with a much smaller staff of 10. Interestingly enough, many of the members listed also worked on Half-Life 2.

Half-Life 3 User Picker reveal

The software was has since been removed, but, let's be honest, the lid has already been blown. Half-Life 3 is in development… right? It just can't be coincidence that this very "accident" happened on the evening of Half-Life 3's trademark registration. Stop playing games with my heart Valve, you naughty minx.

What makes this all even more intriguing is that it's happening just after Valve announced plans to enter the living room gaming space with its own SteamOS, Steam Machines, and Steam controller. What better way to make the new product a "must-buy" then offering the game everyone is waiting for on it?

We've reached out to Valve about this whole mystery, but the company has yet to respond to our questions — unsurprisingly.