More content for Payday 2 available now on Steam

Last week Payday 2 has treated its most hardcore of fans to the Infamy system, where upon reaching level 100, and having enough cash, they could become infamous (read: prestige) and gain some bonuses and perks for doing so. Now players can expand their arsenal and mask collection ever further with the Gage Weapon Pack #2.

You're going to need all of this additional firepower with the return of the Cloaker, returning from the original Payday: The Heist. This powerful unit can incapacitate a player in a single hit, so teamwork will be absolutely essential.

Here is the full list of items that come with the Gage Weapon Pack #2:

  • Return of the Cloaker – Returning from PAYDAY: The Heist, the Cloaker has come to spoil the fun and stop the heist. Good thing Gage has some new goodies for players' inventory to keep that from happening. The Cloaker is a free update that is added to the game for everyone. He'll gladly beat you with his baton, free of charge.  
  • New Weapons – Look at this like a consolation prize for dealing with those pesky Cloakers. Players will now have three light machine guns (along with accompanying modifications) to take down anyone standing in the way of a successful raid. The three guns include the Brenner-21 Light Machine Gun, the KSP Light Machine Gun and the RPK Light Machine Gun.  
  • New Melee Weapons – Perfect for stealth attacks, these new melee weapons appeal to those who prefer more brains to brutality. This pack includes adding four knives to player inventory. Choose between the Ursa Knife, Krieger Blade, Berger Combat Knife and the Trautman Knife.  
  • 4 New Masks – The key to a good heist is the mask — and Gage wants players to be prepared. That's why he made sure there are four brand new masks to change things up a bit. Choose between Alpha Force, Commander Crime, Gage Blade and the Troubled War Veteran masks.  

You can pick up the DLC for $4.99, but the Cloaker as well as the Melee Weapons can be downloaded for free via the in-game updates. Not a bad deal at all.