Monsters Vs. Aliens Demo on Xbox Live Marketplace

February 23, 2009

Monsters Vs. Aliens Demo on Xbox
Live Marketplace

Monsters Vs. Aliens Xbox 360 demo is
now available from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The Xbox LIVE demo features a
sample of 3 levels straight from the game. Choose to play as B.O.B., the
indestructible gelatinous mass capable of absorbing and sticking to anything;
Missing Link, the macho half-fish, half-ape; or Ginormica, the 49-foot 11-inch
tall woman. Each character features a different type of gameplay – B.O.B.’s
gameplay centers on platforming and puzzling as he works his way through the
inside of a giant robot, while Missing Link focuses on combat with some
platforming in his attack from the outside of a giant robot and Ginormica
features primarily racing with limited combat as she contributes from the ground
in the fight against Gallaxhar and his army of alien robots.