Monsters pop out of their cards in Hell Invaders

Update: Hell Invaders will indeed be playable cross-platform.

The studio behind the Kickstarter project Akaneiro: Demon Hunters announced a new game today. Hell Invaders (working title) lets collectible-card game monsters do battle by coming to life in their cards.

I'd like to think these creatures will pop out and punch each other in the face — or shoot magic across the screen, whatever — but Spicy Horse was mum on the exact details (although the screenshot pictured here suggests the action is played out on a battlefield). The game features "actual card battles — rather than two cards 'fighting' on a table, the creatures within the cards actually have 3D representations that fight it out," according to today's press release.

The developer is making each card unique by equipping them with upgrades and swappable skills, so even the same monsters can offer a different advantage.

Hell Invaders combines a collectible-card game (CCG) with real-time strategy elements. It's set in the underworld, as you can guess from the name.

The game contains both a single-player campaign and player-versus-player arenas. It also includes trading, card management, and other social features for those who'd rather make peace while suffering eternal damnation.

Spicy Horse has scheduled Hell Invaders for a fall release on PC, Mac, Linux, and tablets. It's unclear whether the game will support cross-play or saves. We've reached out for more information and will update accordingly.

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