Monster Game Announces Monster Game Power Pack(TM) for the Game Boy(R) Advance


Monster Game Announces Monster
Game Power Pack(TM) for the Game Boy(R) Advance

Save Money and Maximize Playtime
with Monster Digital Charger(TM) and Monster PowerCells(TM)

BRISBANE, CA – August 15, 2001 –
Monster Game, a division of Monster Cable focusing specifically on products for
the home videogame market, announces the Monster Game Power Pack(TM) for the
Game Boy Advance(R). Available now, the Monster Game Power Pack comes complete
with both the Monster Digital Charger(TM) and Monster PowerCells(TM), offering
more gameplay than any other battery power source.

"Averaging only 15 hours a week, in
two years a gamer spends up to $520 on batteries for the Game Boy Advance," said
Noel Lee, Head Monster and founder of Monster Cable. "The rechargeable power of
the Monster Game Power Pack, at just $29.95, offers gamers extended playtime
nearly twice that of a regular battery, and the rapid three-hour recharge time
gives them just enough time to rest those weary thumbs."

Monster Game Power Pack includes the

Monster PowerCells

– Monster PowerCells will last up to
*15 hours of handheld gameplay compared to eight hours with alkaline batteries
and 10 hours with other rechargeable batteries.

– Monster PowerCell can be recharged
a minimum of 1,000 times with the Monster Digital Charger.

– Monster PowerCells are the highest
capacity rechargeable batteries available with a monstrous 1800mAh of battery

– Monster PowerCells is made of
advanced Nickel Metal Hydride technology (NiMH), and can be recharged at any
time without potentially weakening the battery or shortening its lifespan.

*Playtime may vary if a sight source
is used.

Monster Digital Charger

– Monster Digital Charger can charge
AA, AAA, NiMH or NiCad batteries without an adapter, two or four at a time.

– Monster Digital Charger completely
charges the Monster PowerCells in just three hours, far less than the five to 13
hours needed by other charging systems.

– Monster Digital Charger delivers
the exact amount of charge your PowerCells need, never overcharging or
undercharging for longer battery life.

The Monster Game Power Pack is
useful for anyone on the go, providing maximum usage time for any high-drain
electronics-digital cameras, portable CD and MD players, MP3 players, remote
controls, electronics toys, etc. Monster PowerCells can be purchased separately
for $12.95/1pr. and $19.95/2pr.

For more information about Monster
Game products, please visit

About Monster Cable

Monster Game is a division of
Monster Cable(R) Products, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of cables for
audio, video, car, computer, satellite, and custom installation. Monster also
manufactures a complete line of AC power conditioning solutions for computer and
home theatre.

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