Monster Hunter: World Will Weigh in at a Slim 16GB Filesize on PS4

For a game about a giant world and giant monsters, Capcom really compressed the file size of Monster Hunter: World.

Monster Hunter: World Will Weigh in at a Slim 16GB Filesize

Monster Hunter: World hits shelves this month, and for a game featuring giant monsters, the required space for installation isn’t that monstrous.

According to PlayStation Universe, the game will require 16GB of space on PlayStation 4. This amount only accounts for the base game, of course, so any further DLC would require more.

With how large the world and monsters are in Monster Hunter: World, we assumed it would be bigger, but day-one patches can be surprisingly big, so maybe the final tally will end up being bigger. But even a couple gigabytes wouldn’t put the number to the amount suspected.

Regardless of file size, Capcom predicts the gameplay time of Monster Hunter: World to be 40-50 hours. The game has a beta coming January 18-22 for PlayStation 4 only. The client can be downloaded now for those who want to jump into the action right when it goes live.

The full release of Monster Hunter: World will go live January 26 for PS4 and Xbox One. A PC release is also expected in Fall 2018.