Monster Hunter: World releases new gameplay trailer showing the Coral Highlands

Will you be picking up the game on Day 1?

Monster Hunter: World is on the precipice of its release, and Capcom’s ad campaign is in full swing. Series fans should probably be going dark right about now unless they are the type that doesn’t mind spoiling things ahead of time. If you are one of those types of fans or need a little more convincing about whether to pick up the game on Day 1, Capcom has released an all-new trailer showing off the Coral Highlands.

Check it out (and try to ignore the awful pirate-like voice-over):

Capcom has been pretty open about showcasing all of the things Monster Hunter: World will have to show. They’ve previously shown off other areas including the Wellspire Wastes, and a trailer for the Mega Man crossover DLC.

Monster Hunter: World is also getting a third and final beta the weekend before the game comes out, so it’s clear that Capcom will be working out issues until the very end. We should probably expect a reasonably meaty Day 1 patch.

Monster Hunter: World releases on PS4 and Xbox One on January 26th, 2018 and this Fall on PC.