Monster Hunter Rise limited-time demo out now for the Switch

Plus lots of new info in Digital Event

Capcom has a nice New Year’s present for owners of a Nintendo Switch. You can now enjoy a meaty demo for Monster Hunter Rise. But beware, the demo is only available until February 1st. So, make sure to download it as soon as possible. Watch the Digital Event below to see and learn much more about Rise!

Monster Hunter Rise will launch on March 26th, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. That’s somewhat a surprise considering how the previous Monster Hunter World became one of the most successful entries in the action-RPG series by going multi-platform.

Nintendo users famously were left in the dust with that one. So, it’s without a doubt very nice that Rise satisfies the needs of that large player base. But the story continues.

‘Thanks’ to last year’s massive cyberattack against Capcom, we already learned that Monster Hunter Rise will not stay exclusive to the Switch for a long time. Seeing how prior leaks from said ransomware attack turned out to be correct, there’s no reason to doubt this one.

Just last month, users who examined the Capcom leaks discovered curious details about Monster Hunter Rise’s situation. According to alleged company internal documents, Nintendo paid Capcom $2m. In return, Monster Hunter Rise is going to remain a Switch exclusive for 9 months.

After that period, the game will supposedly launch on the PC. It’s quite interesting that neither a PlayStation nor Xbox ports are mentioned. With the popularity of Monster Hunter World on those systems, it does sound like a no-brainer.

Nonetheless, the only people who know for sure that they’ll get to play Monster Hunter Rise, for now, is the Switch crowd. And they have good reason to be excited. Rise adds some pretty nice new additions like the ‘Wirebug’ that turns traversal into a jolly aerial affair.